Benefits of renting your RV include

  • Offset Payments – Pay off your RV in months rather than years
  • Pay for the cost of storage and maintenance
  • Subsidize income – Carbon tax, property tax, groceries etc. are all going up, renting an asset that might otherwise not get much use just makes sense
  • Advertising, promotion and insurance is all looked after through Creekside RV, all you have to do is maintain your RV and ensure its clean and ready to rent
  • Creekside RV charges the lowest fees in the industry because we understand that you have made a large investment in your RV and you will be working hard to make sure it is clean and in great condition each time it’s rented and we want it to be well worth your while

Getting Started

Listing your RV is easy, simply email us the details and a few pictures and we will get it listed